Whether you’re looking for a giant Gummy Bear or discovering the kid in you riding a wooden horse for adults, the Moco Museum has something to offer to everyone who visits this colorful museum. Located in the artistic city of Amsterdam, specifically in the Museumplein square, this museum was born to give a twist to the way we enjoy art. Not everyone can discover what is hidden behind each painting by artists like Mark Rothko, however, in this museum they provide you with all the information you need to know the reasons that inspired each piece of art. Little by little, you will gradually create a fascination for art that will capture you for life. Art drives creativity and this creativity allows you to do things better in your daily life.

A museum full of color and fun

Museums are generally known for being places that display the same pieces of art all year round. Boring and monotonous for many people. However, the Moco Museum stands out from the rest for exhibiting pieces of modern art that rotates a few times a year. That is to say, you can find new alternatives that will turn your visit to this museum into an adventure. Mark Rothko is one of the artists they have decided to include in their museum. Although he died in 1970, Mark managed to leave a great collection of art pieces that focus on the most basic emotions of the human being. His paintings have made many people break down in tears just by looking at them. It is still a mystery what his paintings manage to awaken in people.

Mark Rothko is part of a big family

If you decide that paintings are not your thing, there are still a wide variety of art pieces that you can enjoy at the Moco Museum. This museum is so varied that it even offers a mobile app that allows you to discover hidden pieces of art thanks to augmented reality technology. Definitely something to include in your selfies. Mark Rothko is one more member that joins this great family. To enjoy this museum, you just have to access their website and choose the date and time you want to visit. Choose well and be punctual. Remember that there are limitations on the number of people who can be inside the museum at the same time. If you do not arrive on time, you could lose your ticket. Are you ready to live this great experience?